IG 2.0 Codebook Version 1.1 released

We have released the latest version of the Institutional Grammar (IG) 2.0 Codebook.

The IG 2.0 is a revised version of the original Grammar of Institutions by Crawford and Ostrom (1995; 2005) that aims at coding so-called institutional statements (e.g., norms, rules) found in policy documents. IG 2.0 allows the coding on multiple levels of expressiveness that serve different analytical purposes and furthermore facilitates the coding of regulative and constitutive statements. More details can be found here.

Specific changes in this release of the Codebook include:

  • Revised component definitions for regulative and constitutive syntax elements
  • Heuristics to support the systematic differentiation of regulative and constitutive statements, or mixed forms thereof
  • Conceptual re-characterization of the Deontic in constitutive statements as a Modal to capture the varying semantics of the Deontic/Modal in regulative and constitutive statements
  • Additional instructive examples to illustrate the coding for various components
  • Refined taxonomies, with specific focus on the Context Taxonomy

In addition, the Codebook now features a Reader’s Guide to allow the reader to tailor the content to their interest. A full list of refinements is provided as part of the version history contained in the document.

The Codebook is available under https://arxiv.org/abs/2008.08937