IG Book has been published!

Finally, our book “Institutional Grammar – Foundations and Applications for Institutional Analysis“, co-authored with Saba Siddiki, Syracuse University, and published by Palgrave Macmillan is available! (Hint for students/researchers/faculty: Please explore whether your organization has a library subscription that may make the book available to you at no cost.)

The book provides a comprehensive account of research related to the Institutional Grammar (IG), identifying the key analytical branches in which the IG has been applied, and proposes a refined version of the Institutional Grammar, tagged Institutional Grammar 2.0 (or New Institutional Grammar), that responds to conceptual limitations of the original IG, fosters methodological rigor in institutional/policy analysis and enables richer comparative research. Aiming at conceptional integration, different methodological pathways as well as epistemological embedding in a wide range of domains, the proposal positions the IG as an analytical paradigm that can be applied to (and possibly integrate) diverse domains and disciplines interested in the study of institutions.

More information can be found under the book website.