Here you find some software developed as part of my research activities, including larger, more comprehensive software packages, some of which are still under development (listed first) and various smaller projects/tools (listed at the bottom).

Platform for Behavioural Institutional Analysis

(under development)

This platform integrates concepts introduced in my PhD research into a coherent framework that facilitates modelling of institutions based on the Nested Grammar of Institutions (nADICO), a continuous deontics conception (Dynamic Deontics), and an analysis component based on Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Sets.

Micro-Agent Platform

The micro-agent platform features a lightweight role-centric agent model that is embedded into an organisational meta-model, with agents being able to play multiple roles and being members in one or more groups. Roles can be social, that is, actively initiate and engage in interaction, or passive, that is, passively perform invoked  service requests.


Agents can be group owners and manage those groups’ members’ lifecycles, resulting in a hierarchical organisational structure.


Essential features include

  • Synchronous and Asynchronous Communication
  • Intent-Based Dynamic Resolution
  • Distributed Operation (including Network Discovery)
  • Clojure support

The platform is both useful for the development of efficient software systems using Agent-Oriented Software Engineering and the use as an agent model for Agent-Based Modelling and Simulation.

For more information on the platform (including documentation, code, and examples) refer to

Further Software

R2LaTeX – R script to generate Latex code from R data frames and matrices

NetLogo DBSCAN Extension – Lightweight density-based clustering in NetLogo using the DBSCAN algorithm